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Discover the possibilities waiting for you at the Lifelong Learning Institute!


Since 2002, the Harper College Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) has provided enriching and entertaining educational opportunities to adults age 55+ in our community. LLI’s innovative classes appeal to every interest–with no background, homework or grades necessary. Click here to look through our spring LLI course brochure or request a brochure in the mail.

Become an LLI member and receive discounts and access to exclusive members-only courses, or take a non-member class to see what LLI is all about. Either way, you’ll find great discussions, new friendships and the joy of learning among your peers.

Register button This spring, we’re featuring course series on Six Years that Shaped America, Rock Music and the Haunted. Individual courses are offered in the arts, current events, politics, science, travel and more. Register online or call 847.925.6300.

LLI Membership says you support learning for a lifetime and are able to help operate the program, although membership is optional. You are not required to purchase an LLI membership to attend most LLI classes. The $50 annual membership fee for the 2016-17 year is used exclusively to cover program development costs and provides these benefits:

  • Time-tested programming addressing the interests of our membership.
  • Advance mailings of the LLI brochure three times a year to help you get ready for courses scheduled for the next term.
  • E-mail newsletters throughout the year to help stay current with news and information of interest to LLI members.
  • Fifty percent discounts on selected courses.
  • Exclusive members-only courses, where seats are limited.

Call the Harper College Continuing Education registration team at 847.925.6300 for more information and to purchase a membership.

LLI Testimonials:

I’ve enjoyed making time for Harper’s Lifelong Learning Institute for several years now. As all retirees know, our days are filled with lots to do, and Harper gives us the added advantage of new ideas, programs, lectures and an opportunity to meet like-minded people. I consider the membership fee that the Institute charges one of the best investments I’ve made.

I have enjoyed the LLI so much. It is providing for me the classes I didn’t get to take when I was younger and of course, there is no testing!

Harper’s Lifelong Learning program has been a great place to learn more about the things I am interested in, to broaden my horizons, and to make new friends. I have really enjoyed the variety of courses. Now, if we only had a course about how to make more time in one’s day!

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