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Online Courses – Learn When and Where It’s Most Convenient for You

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Harper College Continuing Education is one of the major providers of online courses among community colleges nationwide. We partner with LERN, the Learning Resource Center, to provide online courses and certificates in high-demand fields such as business management, data analysis, digital marketing, social media, law office management, professional sales, customer service, healthcare, and even in how to develop and deliver online and blended instruction yourself!

Register buttonIf you have an email address, a web browser and reliable internet access, you’re ready to get started learning online. Click here to learn more about our online courses and digital badges. Register online or call 847.925.6300.

Student Testimonials:

Taking the online course in digital marketing was a great experience made even better by the chance to interact with students from across the USA. The assignments felt manageable and were designed to help me apply what I was learning directly to my own organization and projects.

Harper College online courses fit my schedule well. I work and have young kids that are on the go. The online learning system is intuitive and the teachers are helpful, patient, and encouraging. I recommend taking LERN Classes through Harper College Continuing Education!

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or visit our CE home page for additional information.

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