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Career Spotlight: Private Investigators

Looking for clues to a new career? Perhaps a full-time or part-time job as a private investigator will solve the mystery.

This summer, we offer Debunking Myths – Women Private Investigators. According to PI Magazine, the number of female private investigators in the U.S. is continuing to trend upwards, with 15% of the approximate 60,000 private investigators being women. Instructor Edward Herdrich will explore the myths and realities, as well as present an overview of the profession and how to pursue it.

Summer Class:

DEBUNKING MYTHS – WOMEN PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS: Whether you call her a gumshoe, sleuth, or private investigator, the career field of private investigation can be a good choice for women. Explore the myths surrounding women as private investigators and learn why this may be a valid part-time or full-time career option. Questions are encouraged and for those who want to take the next step to becoming a professional PI, information will be available. LCE 0109, Tuesday, 6/27 6-9 p.m.

Register online or call 847.925.6300

Investigate the career further with our fall classes (registration opens July 10):

Fall Classes:

PRIVATE INVESTIGATION 101: This introductory class provides an overview of the private investigations (PI) industry including the types of jobs you might consider such as insurance fraud, corporate investigator, store detective, and private detective. Learn what background is a good fit for this industry and how to get licensed in this challenging and rewarding career. LCE 0007. Check our fall catalog for the next course offering.

PRIVATE INVESTIGATION TRAINING: This course develops your investigative knowledge of the PI industry. Discover the details of surveillance, tracking missing persons, and conducting research. This class satisfies IDPR requirements and covers legal guidelines. Attendees are eligible to apply for the Permanent Employee Registration Card (PERC). Includes all materials. LCE 8008. Check our fall catalog for the next course offering.

Browse all our Career Development courses in the May-August CE Course Schedule

or visit our Career Development page for additional information.

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