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Learn About the Internet of Things – 8/12 Class

You’ve probably heard the term a lot lately, but how much do you actually know about The Internet of Things (IoT)?

Smart city Internet of Things and Information Communication Technology

Everyday objects will eventually have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. These objects will also be embedded with electronics, software and sensors which will allow these objects to collect and exchange data. Learn more about this exciting new technology which will change the way we live and operate in the physical world we know today. Register today for this exciting new class, either online or by calling 847.925.6300.

Register buttonINTERNET OF THINGS (IOT): This course will give students an overview of the Internet of Things (IoT). Topics include overall architecture, development, business domain, marketing, and opportunities. This course also includes a lab where students will implement the Internet of Things value chain on their cell phones as the simulated sensor, and then upload the data to the cloud. LCT 0550, Saturday, 8/12, 9-11 a.m.

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