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Computer Training Courses Starting Soon

Build new skills or jump start a new career!

These courses are held at the Harper Professional Center (HPC), located at 650 E. Higgins Road in Schaumburg.

 Courses start in late July!

Introduction to Project 2016

80018 LCT0097-001, 7/20 & 7/27, THURS., 6-9:15 p.m. Tuition $239 Fees $35

Project managers are responsible for coordinating specific tasks within a time frame. Put together a plan of action and fill in and organize the details to achieve your goals. Learn to build a new project, track progress and analyze costs. Explore methods of fine tuning and troubleshooting your project plan for best results. PREREQUISITE: Strong Windows skills and Microsoft Office Suite knowledge helpful.


Introduction to Python Programming

80063 LIX8101-900, 7/24 – 8/16, MON., WED., 6-9:15 p.m., Tuition $659 Fees $19

Python is a modern programming language that has become a valuable career skill to have. This course will begin from the ground up to provide the essential building blocks used to create programs that perform useful tasks. Students will be taught the essential syntax and nature of Python. An Ubuntu Linux virtual machine will be used for all in-class lab development work. Prerequisites: Any programming or Linux experience is recommended, but not required.


Adobe Illustrator CC I

80017 LCT0055-001, 7/27 – 8/17, THURS., 6-9:15 p.m. Tuition $285 Fees $79

Get started using the Adobe Illustrator software. This class is for the student who has no previous Adobe Illustrator experience. Through hands-on experience, students will learn how to create preferences and modify the Illustrator workspace, make new documents, learn how to use the different tools in the tool palette, learn navigation skills, and create a basic logo using the different drawing tools. Learn how to paint items with a fill and stroke. Prerequisite: Introduction to OS X, Introduction to Windows Environment, or equivalent experience.


Introduction to PowerPoint 2016

80024 LCT0128-001, 7/29, SAT., 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Tuition $199 Fees $35

Create a presentation, work with outlines, modify the slide master, use the drawing tools, create a chart and customize templates. Learn how to create a slideshow that can be used for effective presentations. See how animation can hold your audience captive. PREREQUISITE: Strong Microsoft Windows skills and knowledge of Microsoft Word is helpful.

Register Today! Register online or call 847.925.6300.

Questions? Call 847-925-6075 or email us at: cecomputers@harpercollege.edu.

Browse all our Computer Training courses in our May-August CE Course Schedule,

or August-December CE Course Schedule.

Visit our Computer Training page for additional information.

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