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Fall in Love with Bird Watching: Online Class Starts 10/9

How to Fall into Birdwatching

I’m Dallin Saurey, a wildlife biologist with a passion for birds. I’d like to introduce you to bird watching from the comfort of your own home. I gained a lot of my birding expertise from other birders who took me under their wing, now I want to do that with you! I’ll be teaching the Bird Watching in Illinois class this fall at Harper and I’d love for you to join me on this birding adventure.

The passing of the autumnal equinox signals more than a changing of the seasons, it is a whole new opportunity to see a variety of birds as they migrate to a warmer climate or have been blown off of their migration course due to hurricanes. September and October in Illinois are great times to see migrating warblers, grosbeaks, tanagers and common nighthawks because they are insect eaters and their prey population diminishes with the coming weather change. The robust hurricane season can also be a terrific time to search for rare birds in your own backyard because a lot of birds are out of their normal territories due to the intense storms. The rarest bird I’ve ever seen is a Yellow Billed Magpie.

I will guide you through all of the important points of bird watching and identification that can be done anywhere. I want you to come to appreciate the birds that are all around us. Birding is a family friendly hobby that can combine exercise for the body and mind while forging a connection to the environment. Here are some things you might not know about birds and bird watching:

  1. There are 914 species of birds in North America
  2. Bird watching engages all of the senses
  3. Studies show that most wild birds will not survive their first year of life
  4. Some of the best birding happens when you just sit quietly, observe the area around you and let the birds come to you

Bird Watching in Illinois (LPL 0501)           Online: October 9, 2017 – November 4, 2017

There are 440 species of birds in Illinois, how many can you see in your own backyard? Join wildlife biologist and author, Dallin Saurey online as he teaches you how identify the most common Illinois birds. Birding is a multi-generational hobby that can be enjoyed by everyone and what better place to start than your own neighborhood. In a time when people are experiencing the world through a screen on a mobile device, birds can provide a sense of wonder and connection to the natural world around us. Come join our flock!

To inspire you, take a look at some of the Illinois birds you may see:

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Register online or call 847.925.6300.

Details on these and all our Personal Enrichment classes can be found

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