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Felice Anno Nuovo!

 Happy Holidays and Happy New Year (Felice Anno Nuovo!)

from Harper CE Italian Language Instructor Pieranna Fanella!

Want to celebrate the holidays with Italian style?

Try some of the following traditional foods or games. Fanella also provides a recipe for Cuccidati (traditional fig cookies): cuccidati-recipe.

Buon appetito!

A holiday feast traditionally starts with Antipasto (appetizer) then a special pasta plate, such as lasagna, gnocchi or manicottiThe pasta is typically followed by a red meat. Lamb is the main red meat accompanied with many vegetable sides. The feast continues with various types of fruits, both fresh and dry. A rich cup of espresso at the end helps with digestion of the big meal.

Typically, Italians celebrate Vigilia di Capodanno (New Year’s Eve) with the Cenone di Capodanno (New Year’s Eve Dinner), but also, many celebrate using tavola calda (finger foods)  such as tramezzini (finger sandwiches), arancini (rice balls), panzerotti (pizza pockets) and different salads, such as green salad or insalata di riso (rice salad), as sides dishes. At midnight, Italians eat a small bowl of cooked lentils, based on an old wives’ tale that lentils are supposed to bring wealth in the upcoming year. Also consumed at the stroke of midnight are: spumante (champagne), panettone and torrone (Italian almond nougat) are also consumed at the stroke of midnight. BUON APPETITO E BUON ANNO!

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Scopa and Briscola


New Year’s Day – Many spend this day with close family members, sitting around the table eating and playing Tombola, (Bingo) Scopa and Briscola (Italian card games)



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