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Holiday Eating Survival – Easy as ABC

Tis the season to overindulge!   …or is it?

Eggnog, pecan pie, kugel, banana pudding, mince pies, babka, gingerbread, dates, artichoke dip…the list of tantalizing temptations during the holidays is endless (and devilish)! Eat This, Not That author David Zinczenko warns that the average person indulges in an extra 600 calories per day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Yikes!

Not to worry – Joan Davis, our plant-based nutrition instructor comes to the rescue with an “A-B-C” strategy for surviving and thriving during the holidays.

Appetizers: These devils can can pack an amazing amount of fat, sugar and salt in a few nibbles. Pace yourself! Allow yourself ONE carefully-chosen holiday hor d’oeuvre per party, savoring every calorie-loaded bite.

Be Prepared: You know you’ll be facing temptation, so consider in advance how you can negotiate around the landmines. Eat in advance, hone in on the vegetables and whole foods, and use your creativity to bring in appealing, healthy treats. (For example red and green peppers served raw or in spring rolls are popular holiday treats you and guests can chow down on without guilt.)

Cherish family and friends not the food: Focus more on the sights, smells, sounds and good feelings of the season this year than the meals and treats.

When 2018 rolls around, instead of just wishing for one more healthy year, why not aim for 100 years of vibrant, active living? Sound unrealistic? Folks who live in The Blue Zones manage to do just that and you can learn their secrets! In The Blue Zone class, Joan will invite you to be researchers as you hunt down recognized “pockets of longevity” where men and women live into their 90’s and beyond, enjoying vibrant active lives. You’ll discover what habits and practices you can adopt to significantly increase YOUR chances of living the good (and long) life.

 The Blue Zone (LLI 6073): Monday, 1/29, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.; OR Wednesday, 2/7, 2-4 p.m.; OR Thursday, 3/1, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Instructor Joan Davis, RN, MS, explains why she is excited about offering this class: As a masters-prepared nurse with years of wellness experience, I thought I knew about nutrition—until my active, seemingly healthy husband had a sudden, totally unexpected heart attack. It was then I discovered the emerging body of research exploring the connection between diet and chronic disease. After earning a certificate in plant-based nutrition I am committed to sharing the encouraging messages I’ve learned: getting old doesn’t have to mean getting sick; and your genes are not your destiny.



Details on this and all our courses are provided in the

January-May 2018 CE Course Schedule or visit our

Lifelong Learning page for additional information.

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