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Vibrant Health: The Blue Zone Way

Want to get out of this cold and take an armchair journey to the Blue Zones?

Grab your suitcase and your detective hat as you travel to 5 “Pockets of Longevity” where lucky 90 and even 100-year-old folks are not only living long, but VIBRANTLY healthy lives.  You’ll learn their secrets in this class as instructor Joan Davis helps you discover strategies on how you can maximize your chances of enjoying life into your 90’s, while minimizing your risks for ending up old and frail.  Research explained in the best-setting National Geographic articles and the best settler book, The Blue Zones and tips for implementing those Blue Zone strategies will be reviewed.


The Blue Zone (LLI 6073) is offered this spring:

Thursday, March 1, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Addolorata Villa (ADV)

“We all want picture ourselves living active, fulfilling lives up to the end, but unfortunately for too many in America, those last years can be anything but active and fulfilling. That’s why I’m excited to present the ground-breaking Blue Zone research so students can adopt habits that will help them enter their own Blue Zone. We’ll journey to each of the 5 identified Blue Zones around the world then come back to learn of efforts to Blue Zone here in the USA and even in your home!” Blue Zone Instructor Joan Davis

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