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It’s Sew Easy to Customize Your Wardrobe with Sewing Classes at Harper CE

The holidays are over, and as we look forward to the upcoming year, it’s the perfect time to take stock of our wardrobe. We still have plenty of winter left here in the Midwest, but soon we’ll be seeing spring clothes in the store. What will we actually wear while we wait for winter to pass and spring arrive?

Freshen up your winter staples, the tried and true clothes you reach for during this season as you sew for yourself. Sewing for yourself allows you to have any garments you want, when you want them. You can have the pleasure of choosing just the right fabrics, in the colors you want, sewn into the garments that you love to wear, made to fit just you. The time spent creating unique garments is a worthwhile investment!

If you’ve ever looked at a garment and thought “I could make that”, then take a class to learn new skills or refresh your skills (Sewing Techniques Class 1 & 2), or master sewing with knit fabrics (Sewing with Knits and Stretch Fabrics). Start out the new year creating garments for the new you!

I’ve been sewing for many years now, and I’m always excited about the challenge of using a new fabric, trying out a new pattern, changing things around in a pattern to my own ideas, and of being able to have a finished garment that fits ME.  There are many reasons to sew, or to returning to sewing. Join me and start sewing for yourself!

Register for one of Sharon’s spring classes to develop skills and explore your fashion arts creativity!

Sewing Techniques, Part One (LFL 0400), See Fall 2018 Course Schedule

Sewing Techniques, Part Two (LFL 0401), Thursdays, 3/15-4/26, 6:30-9:00 p.m.

                              Sewing with Knits and Stretch Fabrics (LFL 0402), Wednesdays, 3/14-5/16, 7:00-9:30 p.m.

Did You Know?

  • The original Little Black Dress designed by Coco Chanel was made from jersey knit fabric in the 1920’s. Up until then, jersey was used for sailors undershirts, not garments.
  • 50% of the garments we purchase and wear are made from knit fabrics
  • Knit fabrics are easy to sew
  • Knit fabrics make great travel garments – they resist wrinkling
  • Knit fabrics can be stitched on a home sewing machine
  • There are sewing machine needles for knit fabrics that ensure good quality stitches
  • Most knit fabrics do not require a special finish on the seam allowances because they often don’t ravel
  • A serger is a machine with a blade that cuts off the raw edge of a fabric while it overcasts the edge with threads. It stitches at a very high rate of speed, with differential feed with helps to prevent knit or stretch fabrics from stretching out.

Sewing Tips

  • ALWAYS stitch a sample seam of the fabric you’re using, the thread and needle, stitch length and stitch type, and press it before starting the garment.
  • Keep the sample in a notebook with the above information for future reference. Note the fiber content of the fabric, and if it’s a knit fabric, how much stretch there is, and in what direction(s).
  • Samples reveal potential problems such as skipped stitches if the needle isn’t the correct size or type, thread breakage, and puckering if the stitch length isn’t correct.
  • Use a press cloth (silk organza is the best) to press open any seams, or any surface pressing of a garment. This prevents the iron from damaging the fabric if it’s set on too hot a setting, or water marks if the steam drips onto the fabric.
  • Use good quality, sharp scissors for cutting fabric, and reserve those scissors for fabric only.
  • Use inexpensive scissors for paper cutting such as patterns.
  • Rotary cutters are excellent to use for knit fabrics, but MUST be used with a cutting mat beneath to avoid damaging the cutting surface.
  • Pinking shears (scissors with triangular-shaped blade edges) help to prevent fabric from raveling and are a neat, flat way to finish a curved seam allowance, such as a collar.

About the Instructor: Sharon Czachor, a life-long passionate sewer/designer has been teaching for over 15 years in the Fashion Studies Department, Harper College. Her classes include: Industrial Sewing Methods (beginning and advanced), and specialties within her classes include The Little Black Dress and French-style Jacket, which are presented at the annual Harper Jury Show.

Czachor is the author of Sewing with Knits and Stretch Fabrics and co-author of Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers.  A Fashion Group International award-winning designer, she is a member of ITAA, the Haute Couture Group of Chicago and The American Sewing Guild.

Register online or call 847.925.6300.


Details on these and all our courses are provided in the

January-May 2018 CE Course Schedule or visit our

Personal Enrichment page for additional information.

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