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Take Your Workout to New Heights! Aerial Yoga and Hammock Classes Start 6/5 and 6/6

Bored with the same old exercise routine?

Try these new classes and make your workouts soar!

AERIAL YOGA (LPE 0009): Have you ever held a tree pose two feet off the floor? This class creates your chance. Increase your flexibility and receive a whole body workout. This is a great exercise for both seasoned yogis and those new to yoga. Inverting in this class is optional. Each class will begin with a warm up and ends with a brief meditation session. Tuesdays, 6/5-7/24, 8-9 a.m.

AERIAL HAMMOCK (LPE 0008): Take your workout from the floor to the air! Each class begins with a light warm up before progressing to where you will be upside down in your fabric. This class is a terrific workout designed for strength training and muscle conditioning with stretching as a closing exercise. No experience necessary, but participants should feel comfortable being upside down while being supported by fabric. Wednesdays, 6/8-8/1, 4:45-5:45 p.m.

Classes are held at Flight Fitness Studio, 583 East Dundee Rd, Palatine.

Click here for information about additional yoga classes: Chair Yoga (LPE 0010), starts 6/4; Yoga (LCC 232), starts 6/4; and Yoga: The Next Challenge (LPE 0193), starts 6/4.

Register online or call 847.925.6300.

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