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3 Easy Steps to Help Relax Your Mind and Relieve Stress

spa still lifeRelieve Stress, Build Resilience, Find Inner Peace

Resilience to Stress with iRest Meditation (LIO 0002)

Mondays, 10/15-11/19, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Do you have trouble sleeping, suffer aches and pains, overindulge in food or alcohol? These are just some of the common symptoms of stress, the number 1 health risk in the U.S. What is the cause of your stress? Is it the news, deadlines or financial issues, challenging relationships? It may surprise you that none of these create your stress. The real cause is how you respond to them.

We all have the capacity to build resilience to stress and bounce back from adversities in life. It was built into our DNA back when humans confronted or escaped wild beasts, or endured hard weather conditions.  While the “beasts” in our modern world are totally different forms, our thoughts and emotions are just as heightened—except it’s 24/7—never a break.

Relaxation, mindfulness and meditation are powerful and proven ways to help restore your resilience and well-being. These ancient practices are being used today as complimentary to traditional medical, even in the military.

Turning the thinking mind off is one of the first challenges since thoughts can cause emotions to flare. Clarity and wisdom have no way to break through.

Here are three simple ways to help you relax your mind through your body:

  1. Bring attention into an area of the body, maybe your hands or feet.
  2. Take a few deep belly breaths with long exhalations to help you feel into the present moment.
  3. Recall a real or imagined place where you feel safe, grounded and at ease—and allow yourself to feel these qualities in your body.

In Resistance to Stress with iRest® Meditation you’ll learn to integrate practices like these into your life along with many others. iRest, short for Integrative Restoration, is an adaptation of the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra. It is a proven approach to help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic illnesses and so much more. It helps build inner strength and resilience to better meet life from a place of joy and inner peace. It’s easy to do sitting comfortably or lying down and following the guided meditation.

Here’s what people have to say about this class:

I not only learned why I react the way I do but also ways to reverse the effects of my triggers, and feel safe and supported.
– Paula

I now experience more frequent moments of inner calm throughout the day. As a chronic insomniac I also have techniques to help me sleep better.
– Kathy

Instead of feeling like there is something wrong with me, iRest helps me feel like there is something right with me.
– Gilbert; Iraq War Vet

class-of-irestGuest Post by Jacqui Neurauter, C-iRest, Harper College CE Instructor. Neurauter is certified in iRest® Yoga Nidra through Richard Miller, PhD, and the Integrative Restoration Institute. She is also a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute. She loves helping individuals successfully address and heal a wide-range of issues related to stress and trauma, including anxiety, insomnia, inter-personal conflict, physical ailments, and depression. She has been an adjunct faculty of Harper College since 1997 and writes the Living in Sync column for Yoga Chicago, as well as her own blog. Jacqui is also co-founder and president of the Veterans Restorative Project, a not-for-profit organization offering iRest meditation programs to veterans, their families and caregivers.

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