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Turn Your Love of Animals into a Rewarding Career as a Dog Grooming Assistant

Turn Your Love of Animals into a Rewarding Career as a Dog Grooming Assistant

Attend our free info session to learn more about our exciting new Dog Grooming Assistant program.

Monday, December 3, 10-11 a.m.

Harper Main Campus, Building Z, Room Z206

RSVP Reserve your spot today! RSVP online or call 847.925.6300.

Have you ever thought about working with animals?

Would you like to learn more about the satisfying career of dog grooming? 

Harper College is now offering classes taught by an award-winning Certified Master Groomer in a working grooming shop in Arlington Heights.

With our new two-course program, students will learn the skills needed to become a bather at a pet grooming facility. A grooming  assistant or bather is an entry-level position and the first step to becoming a professional dog groomer. Careers in the dog grooming industry are expected to grow about 11% over the next 5 years according to Occupational Outlook.

Learn proper coat care, nail trimming and filing as well as different haircuts our furry friends receive. Being a dog groomer is more than just making dogs look cute, it keeps them healthy. Keeping the skin clean and the hair matt-free keeps the dogs comfortable and well. We clean and pluck the ears, noticing any potential problems, and we keep the nails trimmed to help prevent torn nails and foot problems. We also check and express anal glands as needed to help prevent problems in that area too.  Groomers are often the ones who discover lumps and skin lesions that warrant veterinary attention before they have time to worsen.  We notice the subtle changes in a dog’s behavior that may signal a problem. As you can see, groomers do much more than cut hair!  Lastly, yes, we do get to play with some really cute puppies sometimes!


About the Instructor: Lisa Herbold has worked with animals for over 30 years. Her experience began in a small animal hospital as a receptionist and technician assistant. Herbold’s duties soon expanded to include dog grooming, and she went on to earn the title of Certified Master Groomer, Companion Animal Hygienist and become an award-winning competitor. While competing in grooming competitions, she taught grooming and managed a pet salon.  Concurrently, she founded and operated one of the first pet sitting services with a clientele covering a four county area. Herbold has worked in and managed grooming salons, taught in two grooming schools, and worked in traditional veterinary practices as well as specialty and emergency medicine. Currently, she is Head Groomer at a grooming salon and moonlights at a veterinary emergency clinic. Herbold holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and is developing the grooming program and teaching part of the veterinary assistant program at Harper College CE.

RSVP online or call 847.925.6300.


Details for these and all our courses can be found

or visit our Pet and Animal Care page for additional information.

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