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One Night Only! Classic Rock Photographs from Yesterday and Today

This is a one-time event that you don’t want to miss!

Chicago-area photographer Jim Summaria has been capturing rock, pop, blues, progressive and folk acts at Chicagoland venues for the past 45 years. Author Douglas Harr called Summaria “one of the best rock photojournalists” in his recent book, Rockin’ the City of Angels.

Summaria has joined forces with his friend and fellow Chicago-area writer, Mark Plotnick, and publisher Amherst Media (Buffalo, NY) on an exciting new book entitled Classic Rock – Photographs from Yesterday and Today. It features Summaria’s original concert photography complemented by Plotnick’s research and words. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame requested a copy of this book for their archives, dedicated to preserving the history of rock and roll.

For one night only, get the behind-the-scenes stories of this epic book directly from the celebrated photographer and author.

CLASSIC ROCK PHOTOGRAPHS FROM YESTERDAY AND TODAY (LEI0040): Jim Summaria will relate the stories that go with the pictures in his book “Classic Rock Photographs From Yesterday and Today” published by Amherst Media Publishing. The co-writer Mark Plotnick will add interesting bits of information about the artists. Photographers will appreciate his comments about how the photos were taken while lovers of rock and roll will enjoy the stories behind the photos. You will see slides of the photos in the book as well as other exclusive photos that carry fascinating stories. Help celebrate the release of this fascinating book.

Tuesday, April 16, 7-9 p.m.


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“The photos of Jim Summaria eloquently capture moments when my band reached out to our audience with our message and music. And Mark Plotnick gives old and new fans of our music a history of the songs and the events that encapsulates our musical journey throughout the years.” Mike Pinder, Moody Blues co-founder

“Throughout my life, music has been the single most influential factor in establishing personal and business relationships with people from every walk of life. This book is a product of our life-long passion for the music and acts that influenced us and a generation. Our goal is to pass it forward.” Mark Plotnick, co-author

“The material in Classic Rock appeals not only to those who grew up with these acts but also their children who’ve been exposed to the music through their parents. It gives music and photography buffs another reason to appreciate and celebrate the acts and music of the classic rock era.” Katie Kiss, Amherst associate publisher

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