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Fall CE Registration is Open!

Where is your journey leading you?

Click Here to View our Fall Classes

Where is your journey leading you? This fall, we feature several new classes and programs for both your personal and professional enrichment. Harper College Continuing Education is laser-focused on your needs and interests, and these new classes reflect this responsiveness.

Please take a look and browse this course schedule or visit our website at ce.harpercollege.edu. If you cannot find something that interests you, let us know (ce@harpercollege.edu). Our best ideas start with feedback from our community.

Here are some highlights to inspire you:

  • Barbering for Cosmetologists. Are you licensed in Illinois as a professional cosmetologist? If so, then you can add barbering to your skillset by completing the 500-hour Barber/Cosmetology Crossover class.
  • Beauty Consultant. What does a professional beauty consultant do? Take a class to learn what it involves. Taught by a Walgreens Beauty Consultant.
  • Cybersecurity. In the rapidly changing world of digital information, we are constantly bombarded with new threats to our cybersecurity. From malware, phishing, and other scams, our homes and businesses are constantly at risk of being part of a data breech. Learn how to protect IT Infrastructure and information systems against the next cyber threat.
  • Chicago History. Continuing Education is partnering with the Harper College Library to present free book discussions and local history programs.
  • Writing Studio. The studio is excited to announce its new Writers Group, the perfect place for writers of all genres and levels to meet and discuss their work throughout the year.

Remember that our programming is designed for you. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we develop new and exciting classes.

Mark D. Mrozinski, Ed.D.
Assistant Vice President for Workforce Development &
Executive Dean of Community Education

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