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Free Talk at Harper College Library: Christmas at Marshall Field’s

The snow is here – time to start embracing the warmth of the holiday season! Register today for our the Harper College Library’s presentation of Christmas at Marshall Field’s (OBO0006), Tuesday, November 12, 3-4 p.m. at the library (Building F).

For many Chicagoans, no Christmas season was complete without a visit to Marshall Field’s, the city’s grand dame of department stores. This illustrated talk traces the store’s beloved holiday traditions, including the Walnut Room Christmas tree, the holiday window displays, the toy department, Cozy Cloud cottage and the Christmas catalog. See family photos with Santa Claus over the years and peek behind-the-scenes at the employee party. And of course, meet Uncle Mistletoe and his family.










Do you know the difference between a Christmas carol and a song?

Register for A History of Popular Christmas Carols and Songs class and find out. This festive LLI class is offered at various dates, times and locations in December ($18 for LLI Members, $38 for non-members).

Silent Night, The Christmas Song, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – we’ve sung and enjoyed these and countless other Christmas carols and songs for as long as we can remember. Yet most of us know very little about the history and meaning of this music. We’ll identify the difference between a Christmas Carol and a Christmas Song and examine who wrote the lyrics and melodies, why they were written, and what they really mean. Using audio and visuals, we’ll discover which Christmas carols and songs are: sacred worship, secular entertainment, teaching tools, marketing gimmicks, anti-war protests, or political commentary. And the artists whose recordings transformed Christmas carols and songs into Billboard hits also will be featured. Join me as we explore music for “The most wonderful time of the year!”


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