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How Can I Learn to Use a Computer?

Guest post by Shirley Shanahan, Student Services Assistant:

I never was a super computer user and because of COVID-19, everything I do now is mostly computer-based.

Fortunately, my work allows me to  work from home, but, boy, getting used to all the functions of a computer was pretty frustrating. I mean, I needed to download and install software in order to meet with my co-workers and supervisor, needed to ensure my computer’s camera and microphone were enabled, or “on”, and had to find files in mysterious folders that I never knew existed. It was tough, but fortunately my supervisor helped me–I should say “trained” me–on the basics of this new world of working on a computer.

Three things I did to help resolve my computer frustration:

  1. Stood up and stepped away from my computer. I walked outside (when the weather permitted) for about 10 minutes, then went back to my computer and felt more calm.
  2. Again, walked away from my computer and turned on some music and sang for about five to ten minutes. Singing is a passion of mine and always seems to help clear my mind.
  3. Called my supervisor to express my frustration. She did her best to calm me and would recommend to again step away from work to clear my mind. She would then work with me to help me through finding certain files I would have trouble locating. You could look to call a friend that has a good grasp of computers to share what you are experiencing.

For those of you out there who are struggling with this new world we live in and in how to utilize a computer effectively, I suggest taking some type of training to help you. Fortunately, Harper CE offers an Introduction to Computers using Windows 10 course, which will help those who are somewhat familiar with computers and who need to use the features and functionality of the Windows 10 operating system for personal and/or professional reasons. The course will be held in a live-online environment led by one of our awesome instructors who also teaches web design courses. You may also want to try Mastering Computer Skills For The Workplace or Introduction to Mac OS. Visit our Computers and Technology program page for details on these classes and more.

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