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Online Wine Classes? Absolutely!

We talked to our award-winning sommelier, Marcel Flori, about our new online wine classes.

Q: How can you do a wine class online?

F: Well, I end up giving my students the same information that they get in an in-person class. I’ll talk about the grapes and the strengths of the region. Then we’ll do a tasting of wines from the region. The difference is that instead of me bringing the wine to class you will buy your own. While you don’t need to drink much in a tasting, you do get to finish your bottle at your leisure. So, there are some advantages.

I will provide a wine list in advance, so you have a chance to go out and get the wine. I do research what the local stores have so I’m sure you can find the wines on the list.

I hope people won’t be scared off by the online format. I think it can work as well as the in-person experience.

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