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Chaotic Covid Times + Virtual Classes at CMAC = Real Progress!

Let’s re-boot, re-start and power-up! Registration is OPEN for all of our courses now!


We know that maintaining your learning engagements is hard at this time, especially virtually. But, you must remain motivated, because commitment and consistency create community, and it’s the right thing to do!

Our classes are smaller in size, which means you’ll get more time with the instructors. Make sure to sign up by October 10, 2020!

Save 10%* on tuition for all new CE registrations from now until October 9, 2020. Use discount code “save10fall” at checkout. (*Discount does not apply to course numbers beginning with LRN, LPL, LMT and LLI.)

Pottery Classes
Register for Pottery Classes

Painting and Drawing
Oil and Acrylic Painting, Drawing for Beginners

Register for Painting & Drawing Classes

Intermediate Photography, Developing the Eye of the Photographer, Beginning Photography, Advanced Photography, Night Photography, Video Editing and Storytelling

Register for Photography Classes

Latin Nightclub Dance, West Coast Swing Dance

Register for Dance Classes

Introduction to Screenwriting, Technical Writing, Write a Novel in 30 Days Workshop: The NANOWRIMO Challenge, Short Story Writing Workshop, Beyond Self-Publishing: Creating Your Author Presence

Register for Writing Classes

Music Classes for Children
Music Moves for Piano, Ages 4-6, Group Ukulele for Beginners, Group Guitar for Beginners, Group Piano for Beginners I (Ages 6-9)

Register for Music Classes for Children (and private lessons)

Music Classes for Adults

Banjo 1, Guitar 1, Ukulele Pleasure: Group Class for Adult Beginners, Blues Harmonica

Register for Music Classes for Adults (and private lessons)

To inquire about any of our classes please contact Issa Boulos at iboulos@harpercollege.edu or call 847.925.6300

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