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Ghosts and Spirits Around the Globe

New to the LLI Premier Speaker Series is a 2-part lecture appropriate for this spooky season.

In this Halloween special, anthropologist Dr. Scott Cashman will give you a foundational understanding of traditional views of ghosts and spirits as understood in cultures around the world. You’ll hear about the !Kung, the Ifaluk, Tetum and Buddism in Vietnam while learning something new about our own beliefs.

Limited Availability – until November 15!

Learn more and register today at ce.harpercollege.edu

Other intriguing on-demand lectures in this series include:

Gary E. Midkiff – The Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt

Gary E. Midkiff – 25 Greatest Presidential Decisions

Gary E. Midkiff – MLK and the Civil Rights Movement

Gary E. Midkiff – 1837 – 1861: America Struggles with Slavery

Anette Isaacs – Germany – 30 Years after the Unification

Anette Isaacs – Germany and Israel – Unlikely Friendship

Joan Davis – Salt, Oil and Sugar; Hooked by the Food Giants

Joyce Haworth – The Rise of Andrew Jackson And the Democratic Party

Amir Bhimji – Leverage the Power of a Healthy Self-Esteem

Barbara Barrett – A History of Popular Christmas Song

Martina Mathisen – Architectural Tour of the World

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