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Finding Family Fun Time in the Bubble

This is a guest post from Vicki Costa, CE Operations Specialist.

I finally have a window in my office!

OK, let’s be honest…I’m sitting at my makeshift desk/ kitchen table looking out into my backyard. 10 months. We have been working and learning from the confines of our homes for 10 months now. And while I do know I’m lucky to have this extra time with my family, there are days…well, you get the picture.

So what have we been doing to pass the time?

A lot of Netflix. But we’ve also played more games, finished more puzzles, cooked more meals, done more crafts, read more books, and found more ways to spend quality time together. This pandemic is no fun, and I’m sure we’re all ready to get back to life as we knew it. But while we’re stuck at home, we might as well use the time to relax and have some fun with each other. Here are a few more ideas:


Vicki Costa is the Operations Specialist for the Community Education Department at Harper College. She started as a part-time Sales Associate more than 10 years ago, so you may recognize her from her days at the front desk. Vicki brings her background in elementary education and customer service to her current role, and her work philosophy is to meet every situation with a smile.

Looking for more fun and educational options for your children? Visit our Youth, InZone and Teens page to learn about our upcoming classes.

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