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Disc Golf: Time on the Green without Spending Green

Disc golf bag filled with discs, next to a brown poodleThis is a guest post by Shirley Shanahan, Student Services Assistant, Harper College Community Education

For those who love to golf but don’t love the cost – welcome to disc golf! It is a flying disc sport, and you get to enjoy the great outdoors with 9-18 holes without having to drag a cart with you.

Players complete a hole by throwing a disc from a tee pad or area toward a target, throwing again from where the previous throw landed until the target is reached. Usually, the number of throws a player uses to reach each target is tallied (often in relation to par), and players seek to complete each hole in the lowest number of total throws.

Disc golf is the 4th fastest growing sport in the USA and is also growing in popularity worldwide. While disc golf is played in 40 countries, the United States accounts for 75% of all disc golf courses. Lucky for us, Palatine has a great disc golf course (Margreth Riemer Reservoir) if you want to try it out.

Although most players play on a casual, amateur level, the professional disc golf scene is also growing rapidly. The top professionals play full-time and earn their livings through tournament winnings and sponsorship from equipment manufacturers. Tournaments are held nationwide and are sanctioned by the Professional Disc Golf Association.

Enjoy the summer weather, get some exercise, and give it a try!

Ready to get more active? Check out our sports and fitness courses like Fencing and Yoga.

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