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Shifting Back to Fully In-person Motorcycle Training

This is a guest post by Scott Haas, Motorcycle Safety Program Coordinator.

Since the pandemic struck, we’ve had to shift how we conducted motorcycle safety courses at Harper College. We did that by using the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic eCourse, an online self-paced study component that covers the foundational knowledge for safe motorcycle operation. This removed four hours of in-person contact time in a classroom setting, reducing the potential for virus transmission between course participants. With a shift back towards more in-person learning, we, too, are making that shift.

Courses after August 16 will be conducted using a fully in-person format. This means we will no longer be using the MSF eCourse, but most Basic RiderCourses scheduled through the end of our training season in early November will have a four-hour weeknight session.

We will have more course sections opening as they become fully staffed and approved. Check our website (harpercollege.edu/motorcycle) and use the Search for Courses function to find an open section at a training site near you!

Scott is the Coordinator of the Motorcycle Safety Program at Harper College and has been involved in rider education for nearly 30 years.

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