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Benefits of an Online Cooking Class – Interview with Instructor Chef Deming

This is a guest post by Darby Lanpher, CE Instructor Services Specialist

Enjoy learning to cook in the comfort of your home with Chef Elizabeth Deming. This fall, we will be offering Worldly Street Foods as an online course, where you will learn to prepare recipes from around the world, including authentic Empanadas from Argentina, Singara from Bangladesh, and more.

Skeptical to take an online cooking class? We interviewed Chef Elizabeth about the online format:

Is it hard to take a cooking class online?  

No, it is incredibly easy! We work at everyone’s pace, so regardless of how little experience you have, you will fit right in and become a seasoned cook.

What are the advantages of taking a cooking class online?

You will be taught by a classically trained chef and be able to meet people from around the world, not just in your immediate area.  You will also be trained in different culinary art shortcuts that we, as chefs, have learned along the way.

Will the class be a lecture or hands-on?

The class will be a mixture of lecture, hands-on, and demonstrations of proper cooking skills such as knife skills, etc.

What will be the outcome of class?

The main goal of any class that I teach is that everyone will learn a new cooking technique and have an immensely good time.  Laughter is a prerequisite.

Register today for the Worldly Street Foods course and travel the world with Chef Elizabeth Deming to learn not only new recipes but important cooking techniques.

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