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Passing the Leadership Baton

Linda Hoeck Presenting in front of a lecturn

Linda Hoeck Presenting at the 2021 CSI Graduation.

This is a guest post from Linda Hoeck, retiring Career Skills Institute Coordinator

Harper’s Career Skills Institute (CSI) is a small, unique program within Community Education that many colleges do not have.  I have had the privilege of developing the CSI program and team with the CSI instructors to provide a college opportunity for students with mild intellectual disabilities.  It has been personally rewarding to work with the CSI students.  I have watched the students develop skills, expand their job options, and become members of this college community.  When a leader assumes that role, they understand that the primary goal is to work at something that will outlast you.  The CSI program has a place at Harper, and now my successor will take it further.  It is time for me to hand the baton to the next CSI coordinator, Sharon Basten.

Think of leadership as a relay race.  The baton is firmly in your hand as you build a foundation.  You’re in a stride as the program is solidified.  Now you face the challenging task of passing the leadership baton.  This is the exchange zone, the transition to the next leader.  The best way to do this is through confidence in a team approach.  And the relay race will start again…

About Career Skills Institute

Harper College Continuing Education offers the two-year Career Skills Institute (CSI) Program for young adults with mild intellectual disabilities to help them gain basic academic and employability skills. To supplement CSI, the Harper CE Personal Enrichment program offers classes in cooking and other skills that are both fun and practical and tailored for the CSI student. Visit our Career Skills Institute page for more information.


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