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Harper CE Students FAQ

CE COVID-19 Updated FAQ’s – Updated 5.12.2020

How do I find out about the latest updates regarding CE classes?

Keep checking the latest updates on our website at ce.harpercollege.edu

When will CE classes resume and students be allowed back on campus?

The College will continue to publish information on both CE and credit classes. CE classes are being offered online currently. We are working with the college’s support departments and our instructors to consider options for each class we offer.

Will all CE summer classes move to active learning/online instruction?

Summer classes have moved to an online format (some classes may have to be have to be cancelled). The summer catalog pdf is posted at ce.harpercollege.edu. Registered students will receive information specific to your class.

What about Motorcycle Safety Classes?

All motorcycle safety classes have been cancelled through June 30. Classes at the College of Lake County have been cancelled through early July.

Please be aware that the Motorcycle Program has had to cancel 3,000+ registered students. This, as well as cancelled Continuing Education and credit classes, has created a huge number of refund requests for the business office to individually process. Refunds may take several weeks to complete. We appreciate your patience while you wait for your refund to show on your bank/credit card account.

Should I register now for courses that are coming up?

Yes. We are offering our courses in a flexible-learning format through the summer semester. Because of rapidly-changing circumstances, we are unable to publish a summer catalog that is mailed to your home. Please visit ce.harpercollege.edu to either search for classes or to browse our offerings. Fall classes should be available for registration by the beginning of July but may be available earlier.

I registered my children for InZone classes, is it still on?

InZone COVID-19 Update: InZone COVID-19 Program Update: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the InZone program will be moving classes scheduled through the date of June 26 to an online format. We are hopeful that classes will be offered in person on campus starting June 29 or soon after. The online schedule is currently being developed and will be available on the InZone website as soon as it is finalized. Please note that not all InZone in person classes will translate to an online format. Questions can be sent to inzone@harpercollege.edu . Stay Safe and Healthy!

The class I am registered in was suspended and I won’t be able to attend it after it resumes, will I get refunded?

Refund decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Send an email to ce@harpercollege.edu and explain your situation. We are handling refund requests on a case-by-case basis. If your class is cancelled you will automatically receive a refund. Refunds may take several weeks to complete. We appreciate your patience while you wait for your refund to show on your bank/credit card account.

Who should I call if I cannot attend a class?

If you know who your instructor is, contact him/her and let them know. If you don’t don’t have your instructor’s contact information, send an email to ce@harpercollege.edu and your message will be delivered to him/her.

Who should I contact to get more information about a Continuing Education (CE) class?

Please email ce@harpercollege.edu. We are monitoring email daily so that we can reply to you as quickly as possible.

Who should I contact about Motorcycle Safety classes?

Questions about Motorcycle Safety classes should go directly to motorcycles@harpercollege.edu

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