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What to Focus On to Effectively Market Yourself on Social Media

This is a guest post by Vanessa Cabrera, CE Instructor of the upcoming Become a Social Media Star Information Session on September 15, and Social Media Marketing Strategist course starting October 6.

I’m sure you have seen, heard, learned, and downloaded a ton of social media marketing trainings to help you land more clients. Perhaps you’ve been considering upping your content game, trying a new social media platform, live streaming, growing your followers, and about a million other ideas on how to use these social platforms effectively.

With so many different social media platforms to choose from and so many features to work with, plus all the ways one can market themselves on social media, it can become pretty overwhelming to know what to focus on to effectively market yourself on social media.

Well, what if I told you what you should be focusing on has nothing to do with strategy? (GASP) What’d she say? I need a strategy!

Of course, every entrepreneur needs a results-driven social media marketing strategy, but if you’ve been doing all the things on social media and it’s gotten you nowhere but frustrated, chances are it’s not your strategy that’s the problem.

Woman entrepreneur confused by social media strategy and marketing herself


Black arrows pointing in one direction and a single red arrow pointing the other. how to effectively market yourself on social media.

It’s your mindset. 

Most entrepreneurs think that it’s all in the numbers. I just need more followers and the clients will come. Not true.

Other’s feel it’s all about branding themselves authentically. I just need to work with an incredible graphic designer and branding expert and then the clients will come. Nope, that’s not it either.

Or how about, I just need to create the perfect funnel. After that, I can just sit back and the cash will come. Not even close.

As a social media strategist, I can give you all the strategies every day all day. I can teach you what you can do on Facebook. I can teach you what you can do on LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on.

But the bottom line is this. If you don’t believe in yourself and in your business all the social media marketing strategies won’t make a darn bit of difference.

A confident and positive change of mind is essential to any entrepreneur. You have got to be your biggest cheerleader, your biggest fan.  It’s the one thing we need to possess before even talking about visibility, digital marketing, and sales, to land clients successfully on social media.

I recently spoke with a talented duo. The wife is a photographer, and her husband’s a videographer. They are incredibly passionate about what they do. They had all these fantastic ideas of how to market themselves on social media.

But what they were lacking was…focus.

The couple told me, “Vanessa, we don’t even know where to start. We know the clients that we want to land. We have an idea of how we want to market ourselves”.

I could tell in that conversation alone that they just didn’t feel worthy.

They went on to describe a dream client they just worked with. They described how they set up the entire photoshoot, from hair, makeup, location, content ideas, videography, and more. And how they charged and got $6,000 for such a service.

I then asked them, “Phenomenal! Do you believe that you can land such a client again?”

They were silent.

Are you worthy?

Do you believe that you’re worthy of working with your dream clients and getting paid the BIG-BIG dollars you deserve and more?

This is how so many of my clients have found success when working with me. This is the REAL work. Many people think it’s just social media marketing strategies. No ma’am. We don’t even discuss strategies until they’re ready to show up as their most powerful selves online. It’s the absolute game-changer so many entrepreneurs are looking for, but don’t realize there’s an underlying problem to how they’re showing up online.

When doubt comes in, when fear creeps in. Self-doubt paralyzes us all.

“What are people going to think?”

“What are people going to say?”

“What if no one buys?”

“Are people going to judge me?”

Let me give it to you straight. YES! They will judge you.

With social media comes the good, the bad, and the ugly. You’re going to have your super fans who are always supporting you, always behind you.  They’ll love your content. They’ll share your content. And they’ll show up for you again and again.

You’re also going to encounter those who won’t support you or don’t get what you’re trying to accomplish.

To them, I say, bye Felicia! They’re clearly not the people who want to work with you and vice versa. And that’s ok. More than ok!

Woman holding a question mark in front of her face unsure how to effectively market yourself on social media.


A journal to work on mindset to effectively market yourself on social media.

Here Are Four Mindset Actions You Can Do Today

One of the things that you can do is to journal. Writing down your thoughts is such a powerful way to cut through the clutter and regain your focus.

  • Write down your goals.
  • Write down what makes you a badass.
  • Write down your ideas.
  • Write down positive affirmations.

By the by, there is no wrong way to journal.
Whatever works for you. So long as you do this often and it helps you build that belief and self-confidence.

The other thing I do is to look at past client testimonials.

I do this when I’m questioning myself. When I’m doubting myself. When I’m losing focus on what it is I want to accomplish.

It’s a simple and quick way to flip the script.

The third thing you can do is work with a reputable Coach. I’ve consistently worked with a coach for the past 6 years. It’s the number one reason my business has grown exponentially year after year after year.


Because going it alone is a rookie mistake. I made this same mistake early on in my entrepreneurial journey. For the first four years of my business, I made no money and it was a struggle to land clients. It wasn’t until I worked with a Coach, that things finally turned around…and fast!

I only wish I had put my ego aside and asked for help sooner.

The fourth thing you can do, if you can’t afford a coach, is to read some books on mindset and or listen to a podcast focused on helping strengthen that change in mind.

My clients come to me when they’re struggling to land clients using social media. After putting in “the work” it takes to show up as their most confident selves online, the majority check in with me to say,
#1 “Vanessa, it can’t be this easy?! I’m now landing clients easily and effortlessly.”#2 “Vanessa, I don’t even have time to market myself because my client roster is full.”

Now that’s a good problem to have!

The one thing you need to focus on to effectively market yourself on social media is your change in mindset.

If you don’t put in that work first, I guarantee you, you will struggle to create content. You will struggle in knowing how to leverage these amazing social platforms for the betterment of your business. You will struggle to connect with your audience. And you will struggle to land clients.

Social media marketing shouldn’t be a struggle. It’s an opportunity. And a MONSTER one at that!

We all need support. We all need guidance, especially on social media, when it can be incredibly overwhelming.

Have the courage to ask for help NOW. Don’t waste years like I did.
Change your mindset, and you’ll change your life.

new mindset new results

Interested in learning more about Social Media Marketing?

Vanessa Cabrerra is a WESOS Success Strategist, an award-winning email marketing strategist, a social media consultant, and a national speaker who travels the country helping small businesses understand and leverage the power of email + social media marketing to grow their business.

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