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Why Microsoft Office Skills are Important

An opened laptop on a desk with a notebook, cell phone, and a cup of coffeeThis is a guest post by Martha Karavitis, CE Career Training Manager

To remain knowledgeable with tools used for daily computing needs and in the workforce, individuals must demonstrate working knowledge of many software applications, mainly in Microsoft Office.


Microsoft Office Skill Benefits

  • Microsoft Office is used by over 1.2 billion people and most businesses.
  • There are quite a few major enhancements in the most recent version of Microsoft 2019 and Microsoft Office 365, including tools to help with virtual work.
  • Microsoft Office skills are also one of the most rudimentary skills required of staff working in office environments and is one of the top three skills desired by employers, especially Excel and Excel PivotTables.
  • Work with collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint
  • Develop digital communication skills.

Approachable CE Courses for Developing Microsoft Office Skills

Harper CE offers Live-Online courses in the entire MS Office Suite, and the Microsoft Office Administrator digital badge program documents your comprehensive knowledge of key software applications utilized in the business world and benchmarks your skill level to your employer.

Want to gain a competitive advantage in your career? Learn the latest technology trends and skills.

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