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Seeking the Seasonal Soothsayer: A Groundhog Day Adventure

To celebrate Groundhog Day, we’re re-posting this treasure from our vintage video vault, circa 2018.

When Will Winter End?

Sure, you could watch Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction on television, but what about Chicago’s weather woes? Harper’s intrepid Vocational Skills Lecturer, Deanne, seeks the truth from a local source. With camera in hand, Deanne bravely faces an outdoor trek to find a groundhog at Spring Valley Nature Center in Schaumburg. Watch the video as she and SVNC outdoor educator Amanda track animal prints in the snow. Learn the origins of Groundhog Day and whether or not you can find a furry fortune teller in our neck of the woods.

To learn move about Spring Valley Nature Center, visit their website at parkfun.com/spring-valley/spring-valley.

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